Thursday, September 3, 2009

Domestic Anabolics

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ALDACTONE 25mg 70c / 50mg $1 (Muscle Sparing Diuretic)
ANADROL 50mg(Oxymeth-Thailand) $1.95 each /$180/100
ANAVAR 10MG Tablet $1.70 Each OR $150/100(British Dragon)
ANAVAR 10MG Capsule $1.35 Each or $120 /100 (Eagle Anabolics)
ARIMIDEX 1mg $1.95 each(Anti-Estrogen)
CIALIS 20mg $3 each(Erectile Dysfunction)(* Promo $250/100 Pcs)
CLENBUTEROL 40mcg 85c each or $350/500 tabs
CLOMID 50mg $1.50 each(Fertility Stimulator)(Promo $110/100 pcs)
DIANABOL 5mg(ANABOL-Thailand) 55c each
DIANABOL 10mg(DANABOL-Thailand) 75c each :$340/500
DIANABOL 10MG Capsule 60c each:(Eagle Anabolics)
DIANABOL 50MG Capsules(VERY STRONG) $1.65 each or $150/100
DIAZIPAM 10MG {aka Valium} (Thailand) 90c each or $500/1000
EPHEDRINE 30MG (Axio Labs) 45c each or $35/100pcs
NOLVADEX 20mg $1.35 each(Anti-Estrogen)(*Promo $100/100 pcs)
PERIACTIN 2mg 40c each(Appetite Stimulant)
PRIMOBOLAN 25mg $1.50 each
PROPECIA 1MG (Prevents hair loss - P1.50
PROVIRON 25mg 95c each (Fertility Stimulator/anti-E)
RITALIN 10MG (Norvartis) $1.50 each (limit 50pcs)
SILYMARIN 70mg 35c each(Liver Detox)
T3 100mcg $1.20 each or $350/500(La Labs)
TEST PROPIONATE 20mg (Sublingual- non liver toxic) P75
WINSTROL 2mg 45c each(Cetabon)
WINSTROL 5mg 55c each (La Labs)
WINSTROL 10mg 75c each(La Labs)
WINSTROL 50mg $1.95 each or $180/100(British Dragon)
WINSTROL 50mg capsules $1.75 each or $160/100
STEROID POWDERS (*for Manufacturers only)

DECA DURABOLIN 100MG ampule $13(Organon)
HCG 5000 IU $39
HGH - 100IU KIT(Somatropin- Eagle Anabolics)$445
(2 GH Kits $795 /3 GH kits $1000)
HGH 126IU Kit (Serono : 7 x 18IU vials) $555
IGF- LR3 : 10 x 100mcg(0.1mg) Vials (Eagle Anabolics) $135 (min order 20 vials -$270)
PGCL - For fast fat loss/ site growth 500mcg amp $35
PRIMOBOLAN 100MG $17 (Schering Turkey)
SUSTANON 250mg ampule $12 each or $540/50 ampules
TEST CYP 200MG, 1ml (Body Research) ---$14
TESTOVIRON 250MG(Enanthate) 1ml amp ---$ 14
BOLDENONE 200mg, 10ml(Quality Vet) $110(SALE $90! FEW LEFT ONLY)
BOLDENONE 250MG, 10ML (Eagle Anabolics) $100
BOLDENONE 250MG, 10ML (Thaiger-pharma) $1
DECA 250MG,10ML (Thaiger-pharma) $125 (
DECA 250MG,10ML (Eagle Anabolics) $100
DRIVE(Boldenone/Meth Dip) 10ml(RWR) $ 70
LIBRIOL 10ml(RWR) $80
(Drostanolone Propionate) $115
MASTEX 100mg/10ml (Drostenolone Enanthate) $105
MASTERON 100mg,10ml-Drostenolone Prop (Thaiger Pharma) ---$125
NOVATROL(Methandriol Dipropionate) 10ml $80
PRIMOBOLAN 100MG,10ML(Eagle Anabolics) $125SPECTRIOL 10ml(RWR) $75
SUSTEX 250MG/10ML (Eagle Anabolics-Now Painless !) $95
TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE 250mg,10ml (Thaiger-pharma) $90
TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE 250mg,10ml (Eagle Anabolics) $80
TEST ENANTHATE 250MG,10ml (Eagle Anabolics) $70
TEST ENANTHATE 100mg/10ml (Anders) $48 (10 pcs for $400)
TEST PROPIONATE 100mg/10ml(Eagle Anabolics) $65
TREN ENANTH 200 (Finafix: 200mg,10ml $160
TRENGOLD 150 (Trenbolone Enanthate-Eagle Anabolics) 150mg,10ml $115
WINSTROL V(Stanozolol)50mg/20ml (RWR)$115
WINSTROL V(Stanozolol)50mg/20ml (Illium)$110 each :
or $695 / 8 bottles
BOX OF 3CC SYRINGES W/ 23 GUAGE NEEDLE $65+ mailing(100 Pcs)